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Jason Lester
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Sensei Peter Jones video (3) Heian Yondan Bunkai

Hi all,

here Sensei Peter Jones (Tau) finishes part 3 of his demo and Bunkai drills for Heian Yondan, i hope you enjoy watching and found it of interest as we did on the evening of the course.


Kind regards,


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Hi Jason,

thanks for sharing.

I also teach the Morote Uchi Uke as a throw like Peter is showing. But I have to disagree with him on his statement that it is not working in Zenkutsu Dachi (front stance). I use that throw for the Morote Uchi Uke in Zenkutsu Dachi in Heian Nidan too and it works fantastic. The difference as I see it is that you utilize the hips more for the front stance version. In the Kokutsu Dachi (back stance) version the opponent is more likely thrown above the leg which is set behind him.

In case the throw doesn't work I utilize the next move from Heian Yondan (Koshi Gamae in Heisoku Dachi) sweeping the front leg of the opponent and using the elbow to push him back.

Regards Holger

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Jason,  Peter and Holger

I also like this application for morote Uchi, but I lump it with the the kakiwake uke near the end of Heian Yondan. Mainly because it is a really useful macro fighting application and deserves to be repeated three times (left, right and with the knee option). 

I prefer to interpret the morote uchi in the first half of yondan, as a transitional movement to enable you to shift to the outside and apply the Waki no kamae(cup & saucer arm lock).

Thanks for sharing the video (peter and Jason)