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Shovel Hook Drills (video)

In this video we look at some basic pad drills for repetition of the lead hand shovel hook. This is footage taken from a club session in March 2016.

Having first revised the basics of the strike, we then put a combination of lead-leg roundhouse kick, jab, cross on the end. Lead hand shovel hook to lead leg roundhouse kick is not the simplest transition; which is why it was chosen for this drill. I wanted the students to deliver the punch and then quickly transition into the kick without excessive delay. The jab, cross should also quickly follow the kick to ensure that the lean back on the kick has not been excessive (to do so slows the rate of fire).

There is no need to kick high, but it does make the transition more challenging.  This is primarily a “fighting drill” (as opposed to a self-protection one) and hence the use of high kicks is appropriate.

Having worked the basic four move drill, we then played with various starts in response to a jab from the pad holder i.e. parrying to the outside (1), slipping to the inside (2), dropping down (3), and finally covering from a hook (4).  This simply adds in variety and helps make the repeated practise of the shovel hook more enjoyable.

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PS The YouTube link can be found HERE

Practical Kata Bunkai: Shovel Hook Drills