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Shuto Uke 2 ways


Short and sweet. An application I've been using since I first started teaching. Tips on variations in the text. Thanks to Dan White for acting as Uke.

I've recorded my double Shuto as well and will turn that into another Seventy Second Seminar.

All the best

John Titchen

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In a follow up... the double Shuto.

As I note in the video I actually mess this up. Yes I successfully stop the attacks (which Dan was kind enough to throw wide rather than fairly straight) but in my complacency I don't use my arms to shield my head enough as much as I normally do. When I see students doing this I normally make them do the drill with their eyes shut: this automatically makes them lower the head and raise the arms.

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We teach very similar techniques, although you've given me some ideas for drilling them differently. Thanks for sharing!

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My pleasure Noah. :)