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Side foot issue on side kicks

Hello all,

I am very tight, I think, in the hips. Even though I stretch very often, usually at night and its either light stretching or isometric and dynamic strecthing. I dont see much results though, I can get quite far down in the slipts but that is after 20-30 mins stretching. the next time I try its back to the original position.!!!

Thr main problem I have though is that when I am doing side kicks, my foot/toes start to point to the sky once I get past the thigh. I know that kicking to the knees is much better for when I am fighting and doing roundhouse kicks to the thigh is great fro hitting my partners, but I have been trying to sort this out as I would like to perform a good snappy side kick with the correct foot position.

Does anybody know what stretches can loosen this area up or is it just that i am soooooo tight in the hips? I do suffer from arthritis in my joints and I have had a knee op many years ago. this sometimes stops me from doing certain stretches due to the knee damage. ie Hurdle stretch - not sitting on the calf.- leg out.

what stretches do you do.? I can do a good side kick - thrust - but I am leaning over a bit!!!!

Its the same with roundhouse kick with the top of the foot. I do have problems 'turning' the hip over at the point of contact so i can only kick to belt level. Any higher and it feels like I am kicking with my ankle!!!!

Or do most of the people on here dont bother with kicking high in class? since I do instruct I would like to show my students one day that I am not an old man?



Zach Zinn
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Don't do high kicks personally, but i'd try stretching the psoas and piriformis muscles:



Those are the ones I use personally, and of course as with anything it might be worth consulting a professional.

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Go to a reputable PT clinic and ask the PT. Since you have arthritis, you need professional advice. Tell us all what he/she says!

Good luck,


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Thanks for the information, I will try these with the others I am doing. i will come back in a few weeks and let you know how its going.!!! But i think with the state of my legs, it might take a while till I see an improvment.

but a small one is better than nothing.