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Simple Kihon Pad Drill


I'm working my beginners up to stringing kihon together in simple combative combinations. Here's a basic pad drill we've worked this week, and we've had a great time practicing it. Head butt, knee strikes, elbow strikes, and front kick. Enjoy!



Iain Abernethy
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Nice drill David! Focus mitts are a great bit of kit. As karateka we should use them as karateka (not as boxers) and hence we need to include headbutts, knees, openhand strikes, elbows, etc.

Here’s a similar one we use, but it’s aimed at more advanced practitioners.

All the best,


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I really like the striking combo at the end of your drill. I think I'll be swiping that bit of sick smashing. Lol. Thanks!!


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I'm not so fond of headbutting things in training, personally, but I'm all for knees and elbows!

Mark B
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I'm not overly fond of head butting full stop, but needs must so a bit if practice is advisable. I have used the head as a last resort when arms have been tangled, but I'm not a massive fan. I had friends who absolutely used head butts and not as a last resort. Practicing at least gets you used to the sensation of purposely creating impact with,and onto your own head, which in most cases is counter intuitive