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Les Bubka
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Sinusoidal Karate

Hi all

How are you dealing with lack of motivation? Do you take a break from training or push on till it pass?

Below my way of dealing with it, 


Thanks for reading 

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Iain Abernethy
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Nice article. One of my favourite quotes – and one that I often begin seminars with – is that of General Patton:

“If everyone is thinking alike, then somebody isn't thinking.”

The key sign of any healthy group is disagreement and dissent; while they are nevertheless unified in the pursuit of a common goal. If everyone wants the best possible karate, then we are most likely to achieve that goal when people are thinking about what is needed and questioning that which they believe to be inefficient.

Uniform thinking has no method of correcting course and we can see where that leads. It is not something that should be encouraged or rewarded. Students should always be encouraged to challenge and ask why. That which is robust will have its validity strengthened by meaningful challenge. That which is shaky will be washed away. Questions are therefore vital for progress, and are only feared by that which is knowingly shaky.

Thanks for sharing!

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Les Bubka
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Thanks Iain

My teacher always encouraged us to question and learn from everyone, and I teach this to my student.

Not everyone like this approach, I came across people who have been offended on seminars that I have been asking questions.

Kind regards