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Does anyone else have trouble sleeping after evening training sessions?  

Lately I've been kicking up the intensity of my training and spending more time on the mats.  The problem is, I've found that some of the evening training sessions (which usually run from 6:30 to 8:30 or from 7:15 to 9:00) are leaving me wide awake for hours.  If it's a low-key class, I'm fine, but if we wrestle or spar I get serious insomnia.     

I used to have this problem years ago but it didn't matter because I was working a flexible schedule and I could sleep in.  But my current job has an early start time and it's taking a toll.  Sometimes I'm rolling into work on 2 or 3 hours of sleep and I'm pretty much a zombie for the entire day (which isn't good because my job is detail-focused and I work long hours).  Sometimes it will even carry over into the next day.

(EDIT:  I thought it might be overtraining so I really cut back on my weightlifting.  Didn't seem to make a difference, still the same either way.)

The doctor suggested melatonin, but it doesn't help much.  I tried meditation.  It calmed me down but didn't help with sleep.  I've even set up my computer to use "night colors" after sunset, but that wasn't enough. 

So far the most effective thing has been taking an ice cold shower before bed.  Not sure why that works, but it does help. 

Has anyone else dealt with this before?  Anything else I should try?  (I'm trying to avoid prescription meds, as I've heard too many bad things about ambien, etc.)

Chris R
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I also have had this problem. I often struggle with sleep, and training into the late evening makes it worse. I don't believe there is one solution, but rather that you should look into sleep strategies and see what works for you. I believe that keeping a consistent routine, and incorporating various strategies is the best solution. Something like your cold shower is an example of a strategy - On that topic, I have heard that a drop in temperature can make it easier to fall asleep, which might explain why it helped you. The reason why I suggest experimenting is because results can vary based on the individual ... I know that a cold shower would wake me up even more, for example. Having an hour or more to calm down before bed and get ready to sleep may also be a good idea, and you could implement your various strategies during this time. Doing this consistently could get you into a rythm, and help you sleep in the longer term. Hopefully that gave you some ideas to start with, good luck.

Les Bubka
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Personally I don't have this problem, quite opposite if I don't train I sleep worse. One of my friends is suffering with "awakeness" after training, she is not able to train after 8pm. Best temperature to sleep for us it's around 16 degrees(avarage). I would try meditation to calm down the mind from excitement and adrenaline rush aftrr training.

Kind regards


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Thanks guys, I really appreciate the feedback.  I will try these ideas out.  My apartment has been hot this summer so temperature could be playing a big role in this.  I'll try taking the temperature down at night and see if that helps, I think it will.