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Solo Training--Side Kicks and Simulated Throws

Due to my current situation, I have to do a great deal of solo training. I'm having a lot of fun developing different drills and exercises to enhance my solo practice. Here, I'm using the heavy bag to practice using the side kick in a clinch scenario to kick out the opponent's leg, setting him up for either a hip toss or a winding throw. Enjoy!



Iain Abernethy
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Thanks for sharing these David. We all find ourselves training alone at times and suggestions on that topic are always useful

One other suggestion is to tie a belt (or belts) to the bag so you can practise the arm motions for the throw i.e. get the “free ends” to simulate the pull on the arms. You can also grab the bit tied around the bag to simulate grabbing the lapel.

Wim Demeere shows how you can do joint locking on the bag in a similar way in this video.

I have also used a large heavy bag with a belt to throw and follow up on the ground. I taped the chains up (for safety) and then clinched the bag (which is totally free standing for this form of practise), struck it with knees, head and elbows – maintaining the clinch so the bag does not fall – and then threw it to either strike in on the ground or kick it while I remained upright.

You need a training space with a high ceiling for that though as certain hip and shoulder throws will have the bottom end of the bag whip around dangerously close to light fittings (voice of experience and all that).

Any one else got suggestions for “unorthodox” use of the heavy bag when solo-training?

All the best,


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Excellent stuff! Checking out Demeere's vids. You wouldn't happen to have any footage of you tossing the bag around, eh? Thanks!


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I have taken a Century BOB (see below), put a jean jacket on it and then stuffed the upper and lower arm areas (point fighting gloves with forearm).  It's good for practicing checking or moving arms out of the way to hit.


Erik P./East of St. Louis, Missouri, USA