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Some interesting Pinan kata close-combat applications.

I found these series of videos while looking for some alternative bunkai for the pinan kata.  I found this gentleman's interpretations elegant.  The videos for Shodan and on can be found on the side bar.  The only thing I disagree with, and maybe someone can shed light on this and perhaps I can see some light is defence against wrist grabs.  I've always been taught that if someone is stupid enough to get close enough to grab your wrist your only response should be to punch them in the face, or other vunerable target rather than attempt any of the more complex, and I use that word loosely, movements.  The only reason that I can think of is that it puts their head in a predictable location, rather than aiming a punch towards someones head you can do some sort of wrist/arm lock and by using the wonderful tool of pain, put their head in a location that it will stay until you can deliver a blow.  Anyway, I digress, enjoy the video.

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I have only watched one of his videos,Pinan Nidan, but I like what I've seen so far. Good find.

In terms of explaining and instructing on fighting strategies, the kata needs to be able to present the principles in a way that can be easily understood. Wrist grabs are often shown in very unrealistic ways (man grabs your left hand with his right hand whilst standing passively in front of you etc). However there are probably a very large number of potential situations were your opponent has grabbed your wrist. The kata can not model all of these, but it can focus on getting the wrist grab escape strategies clearly demonstrated by isolating the actions in simplistic ways.

it is upto the practitioner to apply these wrist-escape principles to any given situation, which they will be prepared for by training and drilling in a realistic manner.

Happy New Year


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I like it! Thanks for sharing!

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Thanks for your reply Tom.  That approach makes sense.  I can see from an anti-grappling perspective how if you struggling with someone and they then grab your wrist that dealing with that with some of the techniques outlined by various folks could be applied, especially if the other arm is tied up. I hope you had a happy new year. Brian

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Interesting video, thanks for sharing.

Overall good karate, though I found one or two of the scenarios unlikely and in some cases the kata seemed shoehorned rather than it being applied.

The move at 0910-0913 surprised me, but that may be because of my Aikido training. If he'd changed the angle of attack to upwards before straight (rolling the arm in the shoulder socket) the uke wouldn't have been able to resist and less force (or dodgy step through where he could have been taken apart by puttingf his leg in front on the nearside).

Iain Abernethy
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Nice find this. It’s different from how I see the kata, but the interpretation shown fits the kata and the nature of close-in conflict. I like it. A nice addition to the collective knowledge pool :-)

Thanks for sharing Brian.

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