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Start of Bassai-Sho Bunkai (video)

This video looks at the bunkai for the beginning of Bassai-Sho (Shotokan version). It was filmed during a two day seminar in Dresden, Germany in April 2015. The seminar covered bunkai for the whole of Bassai-Dai and Bassai-Sho; as well as comparing the differences and commonalities between the two forms. I am of the view that the two forms complement each other very well.

One thing to note is that Bassai-Dai tends to work on straight lines; whereas Bassai-Sho expresses similar concepts, but in a more circular manner. In this short clip you can see the circles in the way the arm is trapped, the initial throw, the follow on should the throw fail, the second takedown and the following strike.

This is a very short clip taken from a full weekend of training; it therefore should be obvious that this clip is no substitute for having been there. Nevertheless, I hope what is shown is of interest and of some value to all viewers.

Thank you for your support of these videos! I’ll be back with more soon.

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PS The YouTube link can be found HERE

Practical Kata Bunkai: Start of Bassai-Sho