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Steel Mace Workshop Recording

Hey all,

I taught my first workshop on the Steel mace and how to incorporate it into your karate. If you don't have a mace you can do most of these exercises with a long sledgehammer or some sort of offset weight. Hope you give some of these a try and enjoy.


Sal Belahi


Zach Zinn
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This is very cool. I have a mace I have experimented with, but it is a 25 pounder and just too heavy for some of these. All the other exercises I watched were much less movement-oriented, I really like this. I may pick up a lighter one and try these out, some of these I might be able to do with my clubs as well.

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Nice! Yeah, a 10lb mace is probab ly a bit more versatile . I have some heavy maces but mostly use them for more traditional work.