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Jason Lester
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Street Attack

Hi all,

the following video shows a young man being knocked out cold in a brutal unprovoked attack outside a pizza parlour.

The attacker knocks him out cold with one punch, the male victim from what i could see made the fatal mistake of walking towards his attacker with his hands down.

The attack left the young man with a broken jaw having to be fed through a straw for 3 weeks and has natually affected him long term. lets hope we can learn something from it.

Keep watching as it shows the attack in slow motion.


Sebastian B.
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 In my opinion the main mistake of the young man was the fact, that he wasn`t able to control the distance. If he would have managed to keep the other guy out of the dangerous distance, he would have had a chance to avoid a fight or defeat his attacker with a preemptive strike. 

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thanks for sharing.

very spooky indeed.

main mistake...going outside alone, though he was bullied inside the restaurant.  

off topic: those captchas gets even worse

Iain Abernethy
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Shoto wrote:
off topic: those captchas gets even worse

If you are referring to the ones needed to join / get a new password for this site , then I’m afraid I have had to increase their complexity as the automated character recognition software used by spammers seems to be improving. At over 100 false applications for membership a day I had to do something to stop it. I was wasting far too much time reading through the details of all the membership applications to see which were likely to be real and which ones where spammers. A necessary inconvenience I’m afraid.

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Man that's terrible as all firghts are. That video remeinds me that the fight starts when the aggressor says I'll kick your ass or provoke the victim. I mean the fight actually started way back inside the place and he should have been 1) ready for anything knowing the guy was behind him or 2) punched the guy in the very beginning. Like Musashi said, the fight starts as soon as the challenge is made.Every person is different though. This poor guy maybe wasn't a fighter, hadden't learned to be aggressive or what have you.

Sebastian B.
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 We don`t know what happened inside the shop. We can`t even see how the struggle started or who was the first aggressor. But I think this video shows very good, that we should be always carefull in such a situation because we never know how our opponent will react.

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What is interesting is the assailant did the classic...

If you watch closely you can see him ask a question and then hit..

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For me this  isnt self defence- this is a scrap and the poor guy who got knocked out was way out of his depth, sad but true.

The moment you enter an 'arrangement' to fight then more fool you, anything can happen and likley will.

Granted life has these situations and it can be easy to get in the wrong kind of situation.

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Hey Guys,

here is another street attack by a group against one. please dont mind its german.

context: the victim was ambushed by 3 robbers. he used a small handed knife to keep his distance, but in course of the fight he stumbled and was taken to the ground where the attackers kicked him severeal times in his face. and jumped on him. afterwards they took his pourse and fled.

i thinks you can see the approach tactic if you are outnumbered.