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Eric Forsythe
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Summer Scheme Teaching to school children

Hi folks,

Long time lurker, not really much to add to what has been said by most people :-)

Looking some advice.... been asked to teach at a kids summer camp for the local school/community that I live in.  Its not something I've done before and I do teach kids, however, they are usually are a bit higher in rank by the time that happens so the kids an interest.

I know the main thing will be fun as I will have 1 hour with the kids over 2 sessions each time with 25 kids in each group.

So, thinking of itinerary and ideas??

Some of these could include:

- fitness based stuff like cones, runs, crawling, teaching them tactical standups from the ground and a group exercise I would do in my class where its constant surveilance and scanning if you get touched you have to do an exercise.

- talk about anti-bullying with a Q n A and separate the groups out so they compete against each other in their respective groups (hopefully engage them more as kids can be competitive?)

- little bit of padwork  (palm heels, knees for example)

- some standard karate techniques (trying to make it as fun as possible with lots of encouragement)

- self-protection type scenario's like defending pushes, wrist grabs etc, again putting a fun element spin on it.

- few games e.g. land/sea/air etc

Will be looking at Jamie Clubbs stuff too but wanting to get the opinion of you guys and also see if this is something any of you have done before and can offer advice/guidance on things to do or have done?

Thanks in advance!!

All the best,


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Would recommend Geoff Glesson judo games: for pad work for kids lots of good stuff on YouTube.

Many many years back when teaching kids always  ended with a good cool down then a bit of meditation basicly just some stillness. Hope this helps best of luck!

Iain Abernethy
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Hi Eric,

It’s not something I’ve personally done, but I did help out with ones the Judo club I trained at ran. One had the theme of Olympic Sports, so I did a session on kicking as a they could not find a suitable TKD teacher in the area :-)

They too did a mix of activities (sporting, fitness and related fun stuff) with the aim being that the kids enjoyed themselves, that it inspired them to get involved with sport / physical activity on a long-term basis, and that they learnt a few basics along the way. They were always popular camps with the kids and their parents.

I think your approach looks really well thought out and I’m sure it will be a big hit. Can I come? :-)

All the best,


Eric Forsythe
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Super help guys - thank you!!

Always welcome Iain - First session is Santa Claus theme, hope you have your suit :-)

Appreciate the advice guys.

All the best,


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My teacher likes to make a game like tag.

We generally use elastics on each side of the hips (anything easy to catch and release will do), can be in groups or 1x1 and if you lose your two tags you are out.

Teaches a lot of body movement, self protection and distance without actually fighting. They will even feel confident and proud for developing strategies and sharing with each other.

Iain Abernethy
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Eric Forsythe wrote:
First session is Santa Claus theme, hope you have your suit :-)

I have the grey beard (in parts) and experience tells me I can sort the big belly pretty quickly :-) I hope you all have fun!

Frazatto wrote:
My teacher likes to make a game like tag…

Sounds fun! The kids at my class have their own tag based game that they play before the class starts. It means they are very warmed-up before we start :-)

All the best,