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Superman Punch Bag Drill

This is one of the drills I taught during a recent Heavy Bag Zoom session with Brian Bates, Chris Hanson, Christian Wedewardt and Mal Sanchez-Jones. The front kick is not part of the combination so much as it is a part of a strategy. In a fighting context, the Superman punch can be set up with the kick as it starts with a raised knee. At 1:57​ I include some teaching progressions for the Superman punch.



B Bates
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This was a great session being able to take part and teach along side other instructors from around the world (some positives have come out of Covid) This was my contribution to the session.



Ian H
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Good video.  

The "knee up" kick-fake to start the punch sequence has to be enough of a fake to convince the opponent that it's a real kick coming.  Far too often with this (or other) "fakes" we see them get truncated into unthreatening nothingness by (usually beginner but sometimes more advanced) fighters anxious to get to the "real" technique.