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Oerjan Nilsen
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Taegeuk 1 Jang practical application part two

A new clip demonstrating one take on move 5, and 7 (mirrored in move 8, and 9) with the next part of the form 10 a/b as a logical follow up :-) That translates to inward middle block and punch combo in short walking stance followed up with low block and middle punch in long front stance ;-) I use the middle section inward block against a haymaker punch with a preemptive jamming or trapping of my partners non-striking arm. I then pull his non striking arm toward me while punching him. This distracts him and gets him on my centreline while keeping me off of his. I follow up with an elbow lock and punch to the head. I also talk a little about the thoughts behind the application, I.e the usage of both hands, using the whole movement, the strategy behind moving off line, distracting before locking, lgrappling as a support system etc. Hope you guys enjoy :-)