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Takedowns Against Kicks (video)

In this video I show a few takedowns from kicks. This quick clip is taken from a full day of training on karate throws and takedowns; which included many throws from kata and older karate texts (i.e. “Funakoshi’s nine throws”, etc). This clip records some of the throws from kicks we covered on the day, but it needs to be appreciated that this is the “edited highlights” of that section and is hence this clip is not intended to be a replacement for detailed one-on-one instruction. I nevertheless hope the information in the clip is of interest and some use to all viewers.

On the day, the differences between self-defence, fighting and martial arts were thoroughly discussed. These in attendance were therefore thoroughly aware of the correct context for all the methods shown. Some of the techniques shown in this video are most defiantly for “game play”, information and enjoyment and would therefore not be appropriate for use in self-defence. That does not mean such methods such should not be studied, or that such methods have diminished value. What is important is that we enjoy the benefits of a broad study while remaining mindful for the correct context for any given method.

IMPORTANT: Some of these methods are potentially dangerous and hence should only be practised in a suitable environment under the direct supervision of a suitably qualified and experienced person.

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Practical Kata Bunkai: Takedowns Against Kicks