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Les Bubka
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Technique development

 In this clip we focus on developing the throw Uki Goshi.  We start by working on the technique in an allowing environment (i.e. our partner lets us throw him) and work up to including the technique in general sparring.  This throw is extracted as a bunkai from the kata Sanchin.

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Iain Abernethy
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That’s a really nice illustration of progressive resistance and “adding in the dirt”. Thanks for sharing!

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Very good!

I noted that in all but the last stage your one arm (the right arm in the kata) reaches under your partner's arm to encircle his back. In the last stage (punching included) you always reach over your partner's shoulder to encircle his neck. - Just an observation. It is the same move and the same principles apply.

Thanks sharing your videos.

Take care


Les Bubka
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Hi Marc, in the last stage we not paying much attention to fine details, both arm on shoulder and head are acceptable. In dynamic action where your partner try to punch you or throw, there is no time to do it exactly like in kata. Well spotted Kind regards