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Teki/Naihanshi Takedown

Tekki is the Shotokan version of Naihanshi. The bones of the kata are essentially the same with a few subtle differences. The "high hands" position at the beginning of Naihanshi can be used as a clinch which was explored in detail at an Iain Abernethy seminar in Sept 2018.  In this video, the opening movement of the kata is used against such an hold. The application makes use of the "husband & wife hands" principle as well as a pain withdraw reflex. Note that reaching across the ememy's arms was taught at Iain's seminar but the follow-up attck was different. Following the throw, you coud also use the stomping kick once the enemy os on the ground. I stumbled across this during some free dojo play a few weeks ago. There's nothing flashy about this... it just works. 

Hapy training,

Andy Allen

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Thanks for sharing that, Andy. Nice and fairly simple, and well explained. And should the opponent's left hand come off, following it up with the empi comes naturally.

Take care,