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Tekki nidan kata blog


hi guys

some of you saw my previous bunkai blog on nijushiho, here is my latest offering on tekki nidan

comments are welcome, enjoy

Mr P
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Just been checking out your blog and videos. Nice one mate, really good stuff and enjoyed reading. My only suggestion would be to have a quick link menu on the side to help choose and navigate between blog posts.

look forward to your next one.


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I thought you have done a really good job with the presentation of the kata, and the associated Bunkai you apply.

The Bunkai you show is signifciantly different to ours as we use the Kosa Dachi to body change often, and the following step out to position ourselves face on, but to the opponents side. I believe this is strongly emphasised in the embusen of the kata.


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Any issues with navigation around the web page I can't really do much about. The page is a blogger template and only offers so much customisation especially to a computer retard like myself!

however, if you click on the big logo (with the tiger) at the top it takes you to the home page where each blog is listed in order. 

Glad you like the videos so far. Obviously this is not all the bunkai that we train with for these katas. It's just we can't film and write about absolutely every theory and any close up shots are not possible due to the way we film (we lean an ipad on a chair and leave it running to edit later)

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Thanks again for sharing your thoughts. I'm curious if you find any themes running through this kata or themes that are common to the other Tekki kata that unite the three forms?

Also, if you haven't already I would give some time to studying the kata in the manner Shoshinkan described; I came to the same conclusions in my study and while you may disagree I found the methods presented were by far the best I'd seen.

Thanks again.