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Thinking Outside The Box, Novel Training Idea's

Hi all

As a result of some training methods that i used the other night to correct another students technique I was wondering what if any unusual training methods others use / have used.

In my particular instance I was coaching one of our club's students who has had a problem with maintaining a closed fist and having his fingers splayed when performing Shuto techniques. I helped him to successfully address these to issues by using the following methods.

The Shuto problem: small strips of paper held between the fingers of the hands while moving back and forth in Kokutsu Dachi (Back Stance) and performing Shuto Uke (Knife Hand Block).

The Fist problem: blades of grass held in the fist while performing punching techniques.

Very Mr Miyagi

if any peices of paper or grass fall to the floor then press ups result. Within haf an hour of training like this the student had remedied the issues and was performing the techniques properly.

Anyone else use off the wall training methods too?

Gary Chamberlain
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 As a kid I loved going into a field and cutting the heads from a few cabbages.  I then put them up on sticks and practised kicking them off.  Eventually I could explode a cabbage at well over six feet high with a roundhouse kick from either foot. (Note:  Wearing steelies, NOT barefoot)

Some of the people I later 'dropped' had the brains of a cabbage so it stood me in good stead.


Paul Anderson
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Our instructor always describes the shuto knife hand arm movement as elbowing a dwarf on the top of his head to emphasise the downward motion of the arm when people stretch the arm out straight incorrectly.

Always gets a snigger.

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Small strips of cloth tucked in the back of the belt, pull them out during sparring. Helps with not standing directly in front of the person trying to hit you.