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Thoughts on Sanseru (video)

At a residential course in early 2014, we decided to take a look at bunkai for the Goju-Ryu kata Sanseru. It’s not a kata I personally practise, but we had fun applying the process and using bunkai principles to analyse the kata.

We did not look at the entire kata, we did not film all of it, and it was not filmed with the intention of sharing it. The resulting footage is therefore a little disjointed and is far from being the in-depth analysis that the kata deserves.

Nevertheless, we hope that you find some of what is shown to be of interest. If nothing else, it shows the process of analysis as various possibilities are explored and discussed.

Thanks to everyone for their support of these online videos!

All the best,


PS If you’d prefer to watch the video on YouTube, please click HERE

Practical Kata Bunkai: Thoughts on Sanseru