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A Throw from the Naihanchi Morote-Tsuki

Hello everyone,

I recorded this video really quickly between classes yesterday to explain a throwing application for the morote-tsuki in Naihanchi for a friend of mine who asked about it. The audio is messed up because there was a CD player near the camera when I was recording, but hopefully what I'm trying to explain still comes across well enough--I didn't have time to redo it, at the time, but I'm hoping to make a better video on it later. It's nothing special, or groundbreaking, but I thought some people here might enjoy it, even if you can't hear the majority of what I'm saying :P

ETA: I just added annotations to the video to explain what I'm saying

Iain Abernethy
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Thanks for sharing that! Sharing videos like this adds loads of good information to the collective knowledge pool and I really appreciate you taking the trouble.

Despite the sound issues, the technique is well demonstrated and the key points are nicely brought out. Great stuff! Thanks once again for sharing.

All the best,