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Transition Bag Dril


I've created a training drill for the hanging bag, Century Bob (other Roberts are available) or a focus mitt holder.

The drill addresses several distances and heights, whilst providing movement of the upper and lower body.

The drill can be decomposed into smaller composites and the learning is within these composites. The learning should not be focused on how well you know the entire drill but the exercises or lessons within the drill.

I teach this drill to my personal students and we drill each exercise for 3 minute periods.

I add the next exercise to the drill for the next 3 minutes and so on until the whole drill is repeated.

3 Minute Rounds - 1.5 minutes orthodox and 1.5 minutes south paw.

  1. Jab, Cross & Hook
  2. Body shot, body shot & upper cut
  3. Elbow, elbow & elbow
  4. Vertical knee & circular knee
  5. Elbow, elbow & chest push
  6. Front leg circular kick x2
  7. Head grab, knee & elbow
  8. Full Drill Orthodox
  9. Full Drill South Paw
  10. Full Drill Orthodox
  11. Full Drill South Paw
  12. Full Drill Orthodox 1.5 mins & Full Drill South Paw 1.5 mins.

This drill forms part of our Dan grading. We'll do 1 focus mitt round of Othordox and South Paw.

Please find attched a link to the video.

Kindest Regards,


Iain Abernethy
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Good drill that Ally! A wide range of body movements within it and hence I think it has great value; especially on days where training time is limited. Will get people breathing heavy too! :-)

Thanks for sharing!

All the best,