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Iain Abernethy
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Triple Clap Press-Up by John Skillen

Hi All,

Here’s one for you to try! This is a clip of John Skillen – author of the superb “Extra Chilli Sauce” – performing a triple clap press-up (one of which is behind the back).

John and I used to train together on Thursdays with Peter Consterdine so I know first hand how extremely fit and skilled John is. A very nice guy too! As impressive as he is, I never saw him do these until I was emailed a link to this clip by a newsletter subscriber. One for me to try next time I am on the mat and have something soft under my face for the inevitable head-plant! :-)

All the best,


PS Be sure to check out his book too!

Extra Chilli Sauce: A Dark Tale of Violence, Retribution and Success: http://www.amazon.co.uk/Extra-Chilli-Sauce-Violence-Retribution/dp/1903490405

Lee Richardson
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Me and a couple of other lads made the trip down to Loughborough yesterday to train with John Skillen's group. A nice venue and an inclusive, friendly bunch of people. The theme of the session was pre-emptive punching and the coaching was very pragmatic and positive and delivered with a healthy dose of humour. I've got John's book and it was great to meet the man in person.

If you get the chance to train with him (and I believe he runs these sessions on a regular basis) then I highly recommend you do. We'll be going back soon.