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Truth about Violence by Sam Harris


Great article from an unlikely source.

Iain Abernethy
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GNARL wrote:
Great article from an unlikely source

I agree it’s a little odd for Sam Harris to write such an article … but it’s a pretty good article! The following quotes stood out for me:

It may seem onerous to prepare yourself and your family to respond to violence, but not doing so is also a form of preparation. Failing to prepare is, generally speaking, preparing very well to do the wrong thing.” – Sam Harris

Herein lies a crucial distinction between traditional martial arts and realistic self-defense: Most martial artists train for a “fight.” Opponents assume ready stances, just out of each other’s range, and then practice various techniques or spar (engage in controlled fighting). This does not simulate real violence.” – Sam Harris

Thanks for making us aware of this GNARL!

All the best,


Paul Anderson
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Good article ! 

Now linked off our website !

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Fantastic. Sam Harris is one of my favourite authors and thinkers. This just adds to that. :)

Gavin Mulholland
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Some good material for sure but mostly it felt like a rehash for me with some indications of naivety of behalf of the author.

His ‘crucial distinction between traditional martial arts and realistic self-defence’ is tired at best and in no way reveals any understanding of how traditional arts work.

I agree with most of the article but was not left feeling that the author had any genuine understanding of the subject under review.