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Two-person drill for the second half of Seipai (video)

This video shows a two-person drill for the second half of Seipai kata. As the video shows, all of the techniques can be used individually and in many alternative arrangements; and this must be practised too. This drill should not be thought of as an “as is” re-enactment of an actual fight. This two-person drill simply represents a time efficient way to practise the bunkai of Seipai in the same order as the techniques appear in the solo-kata. This short video cannot capture the wider training methodology of which this drill is but one part. The video needs to be watched with that understanding.

Some of the techniques within this drill are potentially very dangerous and therefore this drill should only be practised under the close supervision of a suitably qualified and experienced person.

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PS The YouTube Link can be found HERE

Practical Kata Bunkai: Two-person drill for the second half of Seipai