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Ude-Garami Takedown

This week's Waza Wednesday video from my Sensei takes a look at how to use a joint lock called ude-garami (arm entanglement), also known as a "figure-4 lock," to take your opponent to the ground. We use a Naihanchi-style parry-pass against a punch to show the technique in this video, but you can use this technique just about any time you establish wrist contact with your opponent.

Now, using this lock as a takedown does not require your opponent to be pain compliant, although it does help. If needed, you can simply wrench the joint to make the limb unusable and let go to utilize strikes or other forms of takedown/restraint.

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We've recently been playing a lot with ude garami as a grip for a takedown, although we've mostly been using the over-the-top variation (Kimura). We've been getting there from a clinch by getting wrist control with the same side hand and swimming the other arm over the top, and then either pulling them down from the front, or doing what amounts to a yoko otoshi variation, which is terrifying the first time you do it (assuming you like having functioning shoulders). We're trying to get our act together on having a camera around, so hopefully I can throw up a video soon.