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Understanding Reasonable Force, by Mark Dawes

I raised this at the seminar today as Iain was discussing self defence law. This book is recommended by Jamie Clubb, which is how I found out about it.


It's a short book - just over 100 pages and explains the history leading to the current state of English self defence laws. Published in 2006, so fairly up to date. Certainly relevent. It gives the exact legal terminology but follows that up with a summary in everyday language. Case examples are used.

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Thanks for the post, I was going to email Iain about this as I couldn't remember the name of it. Great session today!
Iain Abernethy
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Hi Tau,

Thanks for the link and for recommending the book! It looks good and I'll be sure to check it out.

All the best,


PS Thanks for the kind words Rigsville!

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This is a great little book, and its companion - understanding unreasonable force (for force in restraint etc) - is also a good read.  The text is a little out of date now, but the core essentials have not changed.