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Uraken-Uchi (Backfist Strike) Tip

Hello, everyone,

I recently put together a quick video discussing two different approaches to backfist strikes--one being the typical, locked-wrist, flat back-of-the-hand strike, and a whipping strike with the back of the first two knuckles of the fist, which is my preferenace.

Mark Powell
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Nicely explained Noah! I too favour a similar backfist to the one you describe: generating power in my core and using it to whip out a completely relaxed arm which only tightens into a two knuckle fist just before impact. It is as you say a very fast deep penetrating strike.

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Good video, Noah, and a nice observation of the angle change in the wrist when you close the fist.

I totally agree on the whipping two knuckle back fist.

I would even go so far as to say that hitting with the flat surface of the back of the hand is just flat out wrong. Because hitting a hard surface with the back of the hand can result in a painful contusion or even broken bones - in our own hand that is. Try hitting something hard and curved (like a head, or the side of a bottle for testing), first with your knuckles, and then with the back of your hand. I tend to be much more careful when using the back of my hand.

The back fist knuckles whipping strikes are great for vulnarable targets like temple or face. And because of the relaxed motion it can be quite fast, which is part of the reason for the deep impact.

However, if we want to really strike baseball-bat style, we'd better use the back hand side of the lower arm or twist the lower arm and hit with the hammer fist instead of the back of the hand.

Take care,


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Thank you, both, for your comments! And to your point, Marc, I agree with your point of the flat back of the hand being problematic, and dangerous when striking hard, rounded surfaces, as you point out. I do find that it works well enough for striking the front of the face, provided you've done some hand conditioning. Even so, I also prefer the hammerfist/forearm for such things