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Use of FIST/HITMAN suit for personal protection training

Hi, having just finished delivering some personal protection training at my work (it's something I do regularly), it occurred to me that something we use to "ramp up" the reality of the training is a FIST or HITMAN suit.

Are there any dojo's out there that have access to these and use them to do similar in their training?  Personally I think it's a great bit of kit and really helps students learn the "what it feels like to hit a moving target" and maintain safety.  To be honest, it's about as real as you can get in a training environment.

The other added benefit is that the person in the suit can add their own edge of reality to the scenarios with their own speaking to try and draw a reaction from the students.

What does everyone think of using them?

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JWT on this forum will be able to answer all re this im sure.

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I don't use the FIST or HITMAN suits but I have four High Gear, four Spartan Training Gear and 2 of my own home made flexible armoured suits that I use regularly in training, both in regular self protection classes and in courses in the workplace.

In some classes I'll use small amounts of armour spread out amongst the students to give protection for particular areas - such as chest guards for knee or forearm attacks in addition to practising against the pads and non/low contact practice with no armour.  In others I'll have students wear armour to do set drills simply because the armour brings with it the mental association of getting hit.

With regard to reality training, I run regular scenario training 'Sim' (Simulation) days for my students and guests where we work in different shaped environments to a number of different blind briefings to make students think, talk and react on their feet.  Here's an example from last summer:


I've highlighted some of my forthcoming days here:


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Thats some good footage there, I like what I saw.