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Vintage TKD

Came across this while at work, thought some people may find it interesting

Good and not so good here, but interesting to see the older stuff

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The coolest skill to master is to clone yourself during a fight like the kung-fu guy does in the middle of his performance at 30:26. ;-)

Seriously, thanks for posting this. It is always interesting to see videos that show the development of technique over the years. Compare for example the up-down-each-step movements in the patterns from '66 to the more level movements in patterns from '72.

It's fascinating how, from my karate perspective, the taekwon-do patterns look like somebody threw a handful of karate katas into a dice cup together with some impressive kicking action, shook them for a few minutes and then rolled them back onto the table. Lots of familiar stuff but heavily rearranged. I guess from a teakwon-do perspective it would be vice versa.

The more practical stuff starts at 22:48 with all the well-known locks and throws.

By the way, throughout the 35 minutes, I could not find a single out-to-in-uke (just remembered that threat) in the patterns or anywhere.

Take care