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Wanshu / Enpi Bunkai (video)

This short clip was filmed at my dojo and shows an application sequence from Wanshu / Enpi kata. My voice was a little strained due to the fact I was recovering from a chest infection. That, combined with the natural echo of the room, make it hard to hear what I’m saying at times. Nevertheless, I hope what is being explained comes across clearly enough.

Once the students have drilled the example the kata provides, it is then time to look beyond the example to the underlying principles, to explore all the variations and the various way in which those principles can manifest, and to use the techniques and principles in both semi-live and live drills. What is shown in the clip is Stage 2 practise. For a more detailed explanation of the full “4 stage approach” please read the first of the free ebooks (“An Introduction to Applied Karate”) which can be downloaded when you subscribe to the newsletters.

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PS If you would prefer to watch the video on YouTube, please click HERE

Practical Kata Bunkai: Wanshu / Enpi