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Wanshu / Enpi Shifting Sequance Bunkai (video)

This clip was taken in June 2013 at a seminar I did in Alabama, USA. The seminar covered a wide range of kata applications and principles. One drill we quickly looked at was the “shifting sequence” from Wanshu kata (called “Enpi” in Shotokan). We had already established that the angle shown in the kata does not show the angle you are being attacked from, but the angle you should assume in relation to your enemy. Because this sequence is done “sideways” in the kata it is telling us the sequence should be performed from a side on position. The first three moves attack the enemy from this position while keeping continuous control of their arm. The next three give options in case the enemy should close off the line of attack and get back onto the fighting line. As always, a short little clip cannot convey all the information covered in a full weekend, not can it cover the totality of the methodology. I nevertheless hope this short clip is of interest. Thanks for the support of these videos!

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PS If you’d prefer to watch the video on YouTube, please click HERE

Practical Kata Bunkai: Wanshu / Enpi Shifting Sequance