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Iain Abernethy
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Ian H wrote:
Better to be neither judged by 12 nor carried by 6.


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Don't waste energy by hopping around like a hyperactive kangaroo.

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Some "golden rules" by Chotoku Kyan.


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One of my favourites...

Walk (speak) softly but carry a big stick.

Not entirely martial arts related when used by Roosevelt but I can relate it to the right attitude to approach life and interacting with people.  

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1-Always move at an angle that makes it harder for him and easier for you.

2-Don't stop moving See rule #1

3-He cannot hit you if you are not there. See rule #1

4-Beware of attacking straight into his power. See rule #1

5-Never retreat straight back. See rule #1

6-Situation avoidance and descalation are more important than fighting ability. 

7-You have already failed if it comes to a fight. 

8-Kata teaches us to turn that failure into opportunity and opportunity into success.  

9-Situational awareness allows you to make decisions before a fight starts (the decision tree) , Kata allows us to NOT have to try and make decisions during a fight (rote linear progression, or as I like to call it the "decision stick").  Kumite allows us to hook the "decision sticks" together and improve our ability to respond to the unexpected.

10-We do body conditioning for same reason that we do Kata and for the same reason that we do role-playing, because getting caught inside your head in the event of a attack (either from pain or indecision) gives your attacker a huge advantage. Muscle memory and pain tolerance are your friends when getting attacked.  



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A bit late coming into this...

Don't go to ground, ever, but if it happens fight to get back up like your life depends on it (it probably will).

Don't go between two opponents. Fight like your life depends on it to keep one opponent between you and any others.

A combination is not a number of seperate movements executed one after the other (step, block, grab, step elbow, throwing in a kiai every other move, think to yourself "that went well" and move away. It is one movement executed with the sole intention of annihilating your target and getting out.

Neil Babbage
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  1. The enemy always has a friend
  2. The enemy is always armed
  3. The enemy is trying to hurt you
  4. If you can hit the enemy once, then you can hit him twice.
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Mr Babbage: brilliant. Succintly how I try to explain self protection to those doing sport martial arts