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which forms?

So in the ITF syallabus there up to and including 1st degree there are 12 forms. Alot of information if you had to only teach a handful of those forms aiming at application and the likes which would you choose?

my list would be

Dan Gun - got to get the basics in, and nice practice of knifehand

won hyo - more use of the knifehand,

Jhoon Gun - some nice application here, moving in to getting closer to the opponent

Po eun - really important information here for close in grappling and so on


when reading forums and seeing application practice, i almost always see the forms up to and including 1st degree demostrated and very rarely if ever see anything higher. there must be some application practice in the higher forms even though the General started to move away from his karate roots and making the forms more physically demanding and/or visually enjoyable. has anyone looked in to these?

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I don't practice based on the ITF list, but I do know several of the forms on that list.

Chon Ji: Gets the basis layout down, teaches basic blocks, and teaches the two most common stances that they'll come across.

Do San: Has a lot of good grappling techniques and a few that can be applied on the ground.

Hwa Rang: My all time favorite Korean form. Fights in close quarters, great hardline power shots, some classic throws, and a couple knife defences.

Choong Moo: It's best quality is it's inclusion of throws. The simple fact that it contains a tai otoshi is reason enough for me to value the form as a connection between TDK/Karate and Master Kano.

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Having reached 1st Dan ITF nearly two years ago, I went back to my Karate routes to better understand the patterns. My conclusion now is that the best TKD patterns to practice are... the Karate kata. I have become very disillussioned with the patterns and haven't actually trained in TKD since before Christmas.

Chon-Ji. Learn Heian Shodan instead.

Do San - great pattern. Learn Heian Godan and Heian Yondan instead.

Po Eun - learn Tekki Shodan instead

Perhaps my favourite TKD pattern now is Ge Baek of which I don't know a Karate equivalent. Same Ching Moo. I like them for the athletic physical challenge rather than the application.

Kwang Ge - learn Kanku Dai instead.

Sorry, I know this looks negative toward TKD but it does represent my personal Martial Arts evolution and my honest thoughts. I have nothing against Taekwondo but if you want application then Karate (for me) is the way to go to best understand it.

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hi there

I understad exactly what you mean, occasionally when i have been stuggling with the application for a cetin movement i have got ot look at the composite karate kata, and mfound that the movement befoe and after actually help make the move make sense

The question has arisen a few times with me why don;t you just learn the karate forms inseatd fo struggling with the ITF patterns that have, changed the order of the moves, changed the way the move is done, added little bits andpieces. so waht we have is a set of movements that for the most part have to be taken in isolation, unless they remained unchanged form the orignal but you would have to know the orignal before you knew that.

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There are 24 forms in the Tae Kwon Do Syllabus, one for each hour of the day, I like the look of the TKD forms BUT hate the Sine Wave that has been adopted, Nobody can really explain why its there in the application as one wouldn't bounce up and down in a street situation.

The Only responses I get are the "brainwashed" General Choi ones, but you just have to look at how North Korea is to acknowledge why no one ever disputes it, but hey a few did, one art is Choi Kwang Do its "ITF" without the Sine Wave

I current have adopted a WTF form Koryo Poomsae as it looks as if we could work on an application with it

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yeah i once did a lesson on the application of sine wave, went in to very short body dropping and what movement you could use sine wave and what movements were not suiitable....

it wasn;t well recieved