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Black Tiger
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WUKO rules? what are they?

Looking at entering my guys in as many competitions as I can, a new era for my school

I have the chance of one which is the rules will basicly be the old WUKO rules, one ref and a mirror judge for the kumite , it will be shobu sanbon for adults and possibly shobu nihon for the juniors .

"Contact is allowed to the body as long as no bones or ribs are being broken ( adults ) , and contact is allowed to the face , but only skin contact ,( the face after contact , should be the same as it was before contact , no marks ! ) if you draw blood , it's disqualification .

Juniors under 16 , there is no face contact allowed , you can go for the face and if the opponent makes no attempt to block it and the punch or kicks stops within 50 mm of the face , it should be scored .

But I've only practiced Knockdown rules can someone advise rthe Shobu Sanbon /Nihon to me and possibly add some clips from you tube as it would take me a lifetime to find the correct material etc


Black Tiger
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<Tumble grass passes by>

Gary Chamberlain
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WUKO (World Union of Karate Organisations) rules died out a few years ago as far as I'm aware.

I still remember going to WUKO tournaments and thinking what a farce it all was.  The rules at the time were strictly non contact so taps that wouldn't hurt a 4 year old had senior dan grades rolling around in agony - until their opponent was warned or penalised.

I know some have no choice, as if that is their group or styles prefered system they are obliged to train that way.  But for you and your club Ken, if you have a choice I wouldn't bother.


Black Tiger
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Totally understood Gary it was a bit like footballers diving for a free kick/penalty.

I know what you mean, but its just wanted to get them into the competition circuit so they get used to competiting. It was also a way of supporting the NGB I'm with 

I would prefer all the Knockdown & K-1 competitions but....

Iain Abernethy
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Hi Ken,

Google is always a good option. I have no idea about WUKO rules, so I types “WUKO rules” into Google and this page was the first result to come up:


You can download a full set of rules (in either English or Italian) with one click. I did and they are the 2013 edition.

I then typed “wuko world championships kumite” into YouTube and there are quite a few videos there; including a few bouts from this year’s world championships.

Black Tiger wrote:
…it would take me a lifetime to find the correct material etc

Google and YouTube would beg to differ :-)

I hope that helps.

All the best,


Gary Chamberlain
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Nice clips.  Certainly very athletic etc.

In the BKK the juniors fought WUKO with no contact, then progressed to 'clicker' ie with the scores recorded on a handheld device without the fight being stopped every time, then the seniors - if they wished - fought knockdown.

It worked well as skill and precision (WUKO) added to stamina (Clicker) build a good base for Knockdown.  Quite whether it is possible to make that transition in reverse is anybodys guess.   I hope it doesn't just confuse people.

Good luck!


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Our club and federation (we're small so we can get away with it) use the old WUKO rules for all competition sparring. In fact I've never competed using any other ruleset so it's all I know... I suppose for anyone used to different rules it'd be a tad alien!

In our most recent federation competition we had a couple of disagreements between newer and older clubs as a result of those who were new to the format not quite understanding them, or rather not having enough experience of them (hardly their fault) and when blood was drawn, and competitors were then rightly DQ'd, unhappiness ensued. Hey ho.

Anyway, if I can assist with any specifics please give me a shout.