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Les Bubka
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Yama Tsuki as a Goshi Throw

Hi All 

As in some cases we use the movement similar to Yama Tsuki with starting point behind back,

one of our application for this technique is Atam Goshi Nage, where you have lost control of your oponent and he is diving under your arm or trying to dive in to the legs. Technique is finished on the floor as it gives a lot of torque on the neck, but it can be used as a throw without ending on the ground.

Kind regards


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To me what you do during the takedown looks a lot like the move from Heian/Pinan Sandan after the nukite, where you step around backwards with your left foot while turning your right hand down to your right hip.  

Les Bubka
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Hi Marc

 yes I can see what you mean, it would work too.