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Les Bubka
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Yoko Geri from Pinan (Kyokushin and others)

Hi  all

Yoko Geri used as a throw. In our Pinan Sono Yon we do uraken and yoko geri together. Where arms are used to take control of the balance of the opponent and the leg performs sweep/throw, very similar to Harai Goshi from Judo. As my English is not perfect, so please have look on the video. Hope it will be clearer.   

Kind regards 


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Our Pinan kata don't contain yoko-geri, but Kusanku Dai does have it or ushiro-geri, depending on which instructor you're under, and it actually does it twice--once with the arm extending out as you show here, and once with the arm curling in front. We generally see the one with the arm curling in front to be the throw, as it fits a bit better, to us, than with the arm extending back.

Les Bubka
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Hi Wastelander

I think that only Kyokushin and systems related of based on it like ours, use yoko in the Pinan series. The one with arm curling works gerat too,

Thanks Les

Iain Abernethy
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Thanks for sharing. That’s a nice bit of lateral thinking!

All the best,


Les Bubka
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Thank you Iain.