On Saturday the 17th of October 2020 Don Came and I will be teaching our annual joint-seminar! The seminar will run from 12:30pm to 4:30pm and will be held in the Dolphin Leisure Centre, Pasture Hill Rd, Haywards Heath, RH16 1LY.

The seminar will cost £40 per person and cheques – made payable to “The Karate Academy” should be sent to The Karate Academy, Unit 2, 4-10 Cornfield Lane, Eastbourne, East Sussex, BN21 4NE. Contant: 07952 670 349  Email: don@doncame.com Places are limited and all places need to be pre-booked. No provision will be made for those who turn up on the day without pre-booking.

About Don: Don Came is a 7th dan in Kissaki-Kai karate. Don Came has been actively involved in the martial arts since 1976. He has acted as a civilian instructor for a Metropolitan Police karate club and taught successful self-defence courses for the Crime Prevention Office in South London .

Constantly looking to improve his base knowledge and refine his skills as a martial artist, Don completed an honors degree in exercise science at Brighton University in 1997. This has provided an understanding of biomechanics, physiology and psychology which continues to influence the development of the Academy and its students.

Formerly a member of the renowned "International Institute of Kyusho Research" before becoming a fully fledged Kissaki-Kai Instructor, he has been at the cutting edge in the research, rediscovery and further development of the effective self-defense techniques found within the fixed forms (kata) of karate since 1997.

Don has collaborated with the Eastbourne Borough Council to develop a pilot scheme for a youth protection programme aimed at helping young people who have been victims of, or are considered at risk of, physical violence.

In demand as a freelance physical intervention consultant, Don regularly provides specialised training courses for companies in the private sector.

Saturday, October 17, 2020 - 12:30 to 16:30