On the 23rd of January, I'll be teaching an open seminar hosted by the Musashi Karate Club. The theme will be flow drills from the Pinan / Heian series and two-person close range striking drills which can be done both with a partner and on the pads (focus mitts will be available for those who do not have their own). The seminar will run from 11am to 3pm and will be held in Alloway Primary School, Doonholm Road, Ayr, KA7 4QQ. The seminar will cost £20 per person and is open to all grades. Cheques (payable to Musashi Karate Club in advance to secure place) are to be sent to the following address: Jamie Gray, 29 Highpark Road, Coylton, KA6 6QL. For further details and to book your place, please contact Jamie Gray on Jamie@musashikarate.co.uk or 01292 571824 (evenings & weekends). www.musashikarate.co.uk

Sunday, January 23, 2011 - 11:00 to 15:00