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Axel Siebert Instructor Award

My good friend Axel Siebert recently competed his full instructor award! Axel is very knowledgeable martial artists who approaches karate in a very practical way.

Axel Siebert

Axel Siebert began training in Shotokan karate at the age of 15 under Rainer Schramm and Michael Meier. At the age of 18, Axel began working at a bouncer and concert security guard. These experiences brought home the differences between sports karate, security work and self-defence. While continuing to train in Shotokan, Axel also help form an open training group that had the input of practitioners of Wing Tsun, Chinese Boxing, Aikido, Judo, Boxing and JuJutsu. Axel is also prolific when it comes to attending seminars having trained extensively with Iain Abernethy, Kit Sien Tjong, Fritz Nöpel, Rolf Müller, Prof. Rick Clark, Prof. Helmut Kogel, Guilherme D Stamato, Karsten Damm, Frank Stolze, Olaf Lotze-Leonie, Hans Radke, Andreas Güttner, Achim Hanke, Jürgen Kästner, Frank Carmichael, Patrick Mc Carthy, Dan Inosanto and so many others. Axel also trains in Western Boxing and Arnis / Escrima. Axel has synthetized all of this information together in an approach to Shotokan that is highly pragmatic.