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Community Sharing and Live Lessons!

Hi All,

I have some exciting news! Community Sharing and Live Lessons! Please update to the latest version of the app!

Community Sharing

A new feature was added to the app yesterday. We now have our own private social network! Update the app and then tap the new “Change View” icon in the bottom right hand corner. You will see that it collates all of my social media (Facebook, Instagram and YouTube) in one place in a very easy to navigate layout. Irrespective of whether you are user of those networks or not, you will be able to view all content directly from withing the app … but, as cool as that is, that’s not the best part!

On that part of the app, you will see “+” in the top corner. As an app member, if you click that you will be able to add your own videos and pictures to our private network directly from your device! I have the option of approve / disapprove in order to manage quality and volume. As soon as I click approve from my end, the rest of the app community will be able to view your contributions! This will be a great way for us all to share and interact. ACT NOW: Please update the app and give it a go by uploading a photo of yourself :-) It will be really nice for app users to see each other!

Live Lesson

The app now also has the ability for us to interact live! They way that will work is the app will send a push message, you click on it, and then we can interact in real time! If you are familiar with Zoom then you know how that kind of thing works. I will make a video on it all soon so everyone understands it. I will be doing live lectures, classes, workouts, Q&As, as well as regular check-ins just to have a chat and a coffee and see how you’re all doing :-) I’ll record all the lessons and add them to the main part of the app, so you can watch them back and you still have the content even if you were not able to join in person.

Needless to say, I am SUPER EXCITED about all this!

We’ve got a great community around the app and it’s AWESOME we can now all interact more directly. I will be putting all this new functionality to good use, so please update to the latest version and watch this space!



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Speak soon!

All the best,