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A Karate Grappling Drill (Pinan / Heian Sandan Hip Throw)

This video shares dojo footage of a karate grappling drill. The core method is a hip throw which is found in a number of kata and older karate texts (Funakoshi, Itoman, etc). Here, we were specifically working on the bunkai for the end of Pinan / Heian Sandan. Having gone over the mechanics of the throw, we contextualised it by adding pads and various finishes. At first, we worked methods suitable for self-protection (non-consensual violence): 1) Enemy falls, so strike and escape. 2) Enemy takes you over, so fight to remove grip and quickly stand. We then played with a strangle / striking option where you remain on the floor which would be more suitable for one-on-one consensual fighting. Working the throw in different ways and in different contexts adds depth to bunkai training and helps prevent the repetition needed to develop competence from becoming needlessly boring.

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