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Upcoming events

John Johnston and Iain Abernethy Joint Seminar

Saturday 31st July 2021. 12 - 4pm

If 5 people pre-book and pay in advance, 1 person gets a free place.


Price: £40 per person

To pre-book contact: 07791 635958

Address: MCSDA, Masons Place Business Park, Nottingham Road, Derby, DE21 6AQ

Sat, 2021-07-31 12:00
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Seminar in Maldon, Essex

SOLD OUT: On Sunday the 1st of August 2021 I will be teaching a kata bunkai / practical karate seminar in Maldon, Essex! At this seminar, I will be covering practical bunkai and drills for Kanku-Dai / Kushanku. We will cover how all these methods can be applied in modern-day self-defence and the associated training drills. The kata is a record of the combative techniques and concepts formulated by a Chinese martial artist who went by the name of Kushanku.

Sun, 2021-08-01 11:00
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Seminar in Grunwald (near Munich), Germany

Karatelehrgang mit Iain Abernethy in Grünwald

7th & 8th of August 2021 ... Rescheduled from 16th and 17th of January 2021

Updated info to follow soon!


Sat, 2021-08-07 11:00
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Seminar in Shinfield, Reading

NEW DATE! On Sunday the 29th of August 2021 (moved from 11th of July) I will be teaching an open seminar in Shinfield, Reading! The seminar will run from midday to 4pm and will take place at Shinfield Infant School, Shinfield, Reading, RG2 9EH. The cost is £35 / person. There are limited places, and they are expected to go quickly. Please contact John Jarvis on either or call 07443334174.

Sun, 2021-08-29 12:00
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Seminar in Konstanz, Germany

Details auf Deutsch

Klicken Sie HIER für weitere Informationen / Poster

Lehrgangsort: Sporthalle Geschwister-Scholl-Schule Konstanz-Germany, Schwaketenstraße 112, 78467 Konstanz

Zeiten: Samstag 02.10.2021 11:00 bis -18:00 Uhr / Sonntag 03.10.2021 10:00 bis -13:00 Uhr

Sat, 2021-10-02 11:00
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Seminar in Durham

On Saturday the 16th of October 2021, I will be teaching in Durham! The seminar will run from 11am - 3pm at Belmont Community School, Buckinghamshire Rd, Durham. DH1 2QP. The theme will be bunkai, flow drills and solo drills for Kanku-Dai / Kushanku / Kosokun. Prior knowledge of the kata is not required. The cost is £30 per person. Payment prior to the seminar to JSKD via cash or bank transfer (contact the host for payment details).

Sat, 2021-10-16 11:00
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Seminar in Bebra, Germany

Weitere Details hier:

Datum: 23. und 24. Oktober 2021 (vom 13. und 14. Juni 2020 verschoben)

Kontakt/poc: Jürgen Wacker, Tel: +49 176 81 77 42 41 oder über / or via Email:

Adresse: Großsporthalle, Auestraße 12, 36179 Bebra, Germany

Sat, 2021-10-23 10:00
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Iain Abernethy and Leigh Simms in Birmingham!

On Sunday the 7th of November 2021 I will be teaching a joint seminar with Leigh Simms! The event will run from 10am - 2pm and be held at Joseph Chamberlain College, 1 Belgrave Road, Highgate, Birmingham, B12 9FF. The cost is £40.00 / person and you can secure a place by contacting Leigh via or 07581443637.

Sun, 2021-11-07 10:00
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