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This forum is dedicated to an exchange of ideas relating to the practical application of Okinawan and Japanese kata. Increase
your understanding of kata whilst helping others to do the same.

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Bassai-Dai Bunkai/Oyo

Hi everybody,

here's my take on possible applications for the kata Bassai-Dai (Shotokan).

The video was taken after class as a memory aid for my students and myself. The techniques are performed slowly and hopefully clean enough so that they are easy to follow.


This my first published video. Any ideas on what to do better for the next are appreciated.

By the way, this is the version of the Bassai-Dai that I practice:

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Mikazuki Geri from Pinan Godan

Hi all,

On today’s session we looked at Mikazuki geri, except obvious application (kicking the guard or kicking to the head) we went through other possibilities,. For us this technique does not go above the hip line. It is used to unbalance the opponent, by disturbing the computer (brain) and taking the support (leg) in variety of ways. As always we look on the technique in three ways: strike, joint manipulation and off balancing.

Hope you will enjoy our little clip

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Aragaki Seisan seminar footage

The first 2 exercises from my recent seminar teaching the application, principles & Koryu concepts as taught in the Aragaki Seisan boxing system. As always with seminar footage the full extent and depth of the session does not necessarily transmit on these short clips. Safe to say everyone who attended learned the concepts of circular movement, utilising energy, accessing anatomically vulnerable targets with the how & why, freeing up your mind, alongside and within these set application templates which I share here. I'll share the other exercises as I edit and upload them.

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Shotokan Enpi

Again, because I was feeling bad about never sharing anything below is a link to a short clip I filmed post training the other night.

It was intended as a quick reminder to those who'd been at my session at camp so take it for what it is. I specify "shotokan enpi" because I realise that we've added stuff that the Wado guys don't do and this clip is built specifically for the Shoto version.


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Can anyone tell me what the last 3 hops of this kata were really for? i have heard a few stories regarding them, but not so sure about some i have heard. 

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Pinan Nidan Kick-Catch Takedown

Hello, everyone,

This week's Waza Wednesday takes a look at the typical, 3K-style basic application for the gedan-barai/oi-tsuki sequence found in Pinan Nidan/Heian Shodan, and how it can be adapted to a takedown for more practicality. This can be a good intermediary step for people adjusting from the 3K approach to a more practical one.

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Pinan Sono Ichi/Pinan Nidan / Heian Shodan

Hi all, 

In our karate we start learning forms from Pinan Sono Ichi, I teach starting from application, then going through the motions of the kata. In this way the student knows what and why he or she is doing. Below you can see one of the many bunkai for this kata.

Kind Regards 


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Pinan / Heian Yodan Pad-Drill from Lee Taylor

More great bunkai based pad drills from Lee Taylor! This one for Pinan / Heian Yodan:

All the best,


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Aragaki Seisan application

Another application from the Aragaki Seisan boxing system

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Sakugawa no kun Oyo

Hey guys,

I'm back with another kobudo bunkai sequence. This is again looking at Sakugawa no kun. This sequence would be for potentially when your weapon is seized and the opponent tries to pull it from you. 

Feedback appreciated.

Thanks as always!


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