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Being in great physical and mental condition is a must for all martial artists. This forum is all about conditioning and developing high
levels of mental and physical fitness. The purpose of this forum is to help us all improve our training methods.

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A question on teaching different types of people

In the time i've been teaching (amazingly, 10 years I realized recently, pretty cool for having started teaching completely on a lark!), I have noticed that there is a continuum of how different Karateka learn.

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Stacked Hands/Cup-and-Saucer Posture Hojo Undo

Hello, everyone!

This week's Waza Wednesday takes a look at a more modern hojo undo (supplementary training) exercise, using a resistance band, to strengthen the double-handed pulling motion the results in the "stacked hands" or "cup and saucer" hand position in kata.

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how often do you take falls?

Now that I have a few years of Jujutsu, I am starting to wonder about taking falls long term. I just turned 40 and I often feel like I should be limiting my number of falls. I weigh about 210, I have decent enough ukemi, but  being uke for throws can really wear on me quickly. My preference is to just take a couple falls, then practice entry + imbalance, and leave off the throw, like in Judo uchi komi practice. Not so much question qbout standing randori as that is rarer than just regular practice of throws.

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Inducing stress/distress

On one of the other threads (regarding wrist locks), Stuart Akers mentioned two methods of getting worked up prior to pressure testing: essentially, eyeballing each other during an aggressive approach and slapping each other.

I think this is an important point in pressure testing techniques and people and was wondering what methods people use to simulate the stress/distress of an actual confrontation or if you think it unnecessary. Looking for how to get that chemical dump, reduced fine motor skills, tunnel vision/hearing...

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Concept 2 group

Hi. I have been a member of an online rowing group within Concept 2 for many years and would like to start my own team. Concept 2 are one of the world's leading erg / rowing machine makers and you will most probably find that most Olympic rowing teams train on this particular units. I have been rowing on one of these machines for many years and have completed over 14 million metres. Within Concept 2 there are many challenges nearly every month whether it is a half marathon, rowing for your valentine, military rows and we have just had the Rowlympics.

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punching above your weight class

A little background, I am about 40, short and slightly (alright, maybe more that slightly) overweight with a job that gives me a lot more stress than exercise. Trying to get back in shape after chasing my career for the last 20 years. 

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Kata-Based Sparring: Fukyugata Ich Drill 3

Here is another kata-based sparring drill from Fukyugata Ich. We are working using the high blocks in the kata as defense against lapel grab and strikes to the head from a clinch situation. We have a lot of fun with this one. Man, it really tires you out. We are having a blast, and students are really seeing how the kata comes to life in these live training drills. Enjoy!



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Karate and Elastic workout

Hi guys, 

I am often using an elatic on my workout to improve my karate. It's really usefull especially when I don't have a patner around on holidays. 
Are you using an elastic too? 

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Kettelbell karate workout

Hello guys,

As I don't have Ishi-Sashi at home, I am using kettelbell and it's working pretty well.

Here some exercices part of my weekly routine. 

What do you think about it?

Wish you a great week-end.


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Kata-Based Sparring: Fukyugata Ich Drill 2

Applying the windup for the low block as a parry-grab and elbow strike defense against an attempted choke in a clinch scenario; drilling it in a kata-based sparring drill. I also discuss using other combative principles from other kata to deal with other things that might happen in an altercation. We are working on not being trapped by the kata but using combative principles from various kata to deal with various situations. We are gradually progressing in our live training, and we are thoroughly enjoying the training. 

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