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Combat Karate in Winchester

Hi all,

So I'm moving to Winchester soon to start a new job and I was looking for an MMA club.

I came across "Combat Martial Arts" (, which on closer inspection appears to be a Karate club - which is fine for me as long as the training is good.

Has anyone trained with these guys?  Is it worth checking out?  Do they actually compete in the sport of MMA too?



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Karate Books and DVD collection

Hi all,

having lost all interest in Karate, my life time collection of karate books and dvds are up for grabs.

I have some very rare and expensive books within the collection, some signed by Masters such as Ohta and Kanazawa. The collection would make someone a complete library and great bargin. Job lot and will not sell any item separately.

If interested message me or email

Due to size and weight i will only accept cash on collection and will not post.

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Funakoshi sparring and kata (bunkai related)

Hello guys,

During the writing of my research, I stumbled upon a strange thing about Funakoshi.
Failing to unravel the tangle, I'm trying to write here, with the hope to get help from experts present in this forum.

I will try to expose my doubts starting from the two Funakoshi's teachers: Asato and Itosu.
Here is the list of most known/famous students of the two masters (their birth date within brackets):

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Looking For A Shotokan Dojo in The Huston, TX Area

A good friend of mine who is a shodan in Shudokan karate in the Seattle area is being transfered to Huston. (Big pay raise!) Unfortunately there aren't any Shudokan dojos in Huston so he's looking for something similar which would be Shotokan. Does anyone on this forum know of any Shotokan instructors in the Huston area who have attended Iain's seminars and teach/present karate from the practical bunkai standpoint in the way that Iain does it. If you can help me out with this please shoot me an email at

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Change of training location

Anybody in Flintshire teaching Wado ryu Karate ? I have a senior student looking to train in this area or Liverpool 

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augmented knife hand

Hey, everyone:

My first post here.... I've been watching Shihan Abernethy's videos for a long time now and have found them incredibly enlightening. I've also enjoyed reading many of the discussions, and I hope to contribute a few ideas sometime if I can ever sit down and write them up.

I found a video of his some time ago that talked about what we would call in our style the augmented knifehand or shuto block. Here's an example, at the beginning of our Taikyoku Shi:

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Looking for a club - Aberdeen

Hi Folks,

I'm looking for practical karate club in the Aberdeen area - any pointers would be much appreciated.



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Questions and topics for end of year podcast!

HELP WANTED: It’s been ages since we did a Q & A podcast … so let’s end 2016 with a big one! Please put questions below or email them to and I’ll get recording! Thank you!

All the best,


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Papuren, Paipuren, Happoren...

I have recently been learning the form of the kata Papuren with a friend who is learning it for competition. I have no interest in kata competition and now that I have learnt the form of the kata I am starting to consider its application.

This is the version of the kata I have learnt.

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HAPV and female offenders

I have been trying to find research and statistics on female HAPV without much success.  For example, men generally don't pull hair, but females will grab the hair and pull the other to the ground. Can anyone give me some direction on where to look? 

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