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How to deal with "hate" ?

Hi all

First I’m not sure if this is the right section of this forum, if not Iain please move it in to appropriate section if you can.

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My 10 best reasons for not missing any karate training !

Hello, if sometimes you're not motivated to go to the Dojo, you better read this 10 reasons ! :)

What motivated you ?


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Opening of new Dojo / school


I wanted to ask the Dojo owners of this group a question or few.

What made you open up your own Dojo? Did you leave the Association you were with to go it alone? Was it a natural progression in your club / assoication? Did you feel that you were not getting thing of value where you were so it was best to start your own club and take your teaching in the direction wanted to go?

As you can see / tell, I think I am at a crossroads - yet again - in regards to my own training and knowledge and looking for advice here, I think - is much more suitable.

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what has been the biggest reward of long term training?

For me, it's definitely the people. Whether it's my own little class, learning from others, seminars, etc., the people I've met and gotten to know over the years are definitely what stand out for me.

What about you?

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Study splits (academic/physical)

How much of your study of martial arts is devoted to "academic" (for want of a better term) versus physical practice?

I reckon in any given week, I put in six hours of training between classes and solo practice (this does not include workouts that are not martial arts based, like lifting or running) and around 4 hours of reading books (like Iain's), watching instructional videos (like Iain's), and engaging in discussion, either with training partners or on this forum.

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Helped Autistic Girl with her Talent Show

Hello, everyone,

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Injury has caused motivation slack

hi all,

I have read other people's posts of the motivation side of things and not wanting to tack onto theirs, I created my own.

I am in a position of where I have damaged my shoulder to a point now that after having 2 cortisone injections and in the middle of physio I seem to have lost my motivation for training. Let’s go for a brief summary!

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Scientific study finds karate is good for the elderly

Hi All,

Fellow BCKA instructor Ally Whytock has shared a recent (21 September 2015) scientific paper with me called: “Comparing the effectiveness of karate and fitness training on cognitive functioning in older adults—a randomized controlled trial

Here is the link to the paper:

The study looked at 89 adults with an average (mean) age of 70.

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My understanding of karate

Im no artist, but i attempted to summarise much of my understanding of Karate in a single diagram.

I hope the metaphor(s) don't get lost in translation!

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Lesson to learn in both Karate and Life

Hi Guys,

Just want to share some thoughts regarding self-improvement and success and how the philosophy of Sensei Itosu can be applied to life as well as Karate.

"Karate cannot be quickly learned. Like a slow moving bull, it eventually travels a thousand leagues. If one trains diligently for one or two hours every day, then in three or four years one will see a change in physique. Those who train in this fashion will discover the deeper principles of karate" - Sensei Itosu 1908

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