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Came across a good book, DVD, video or website that you feel members of this group would benefit from? Share your find in this forum.

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Jamie Clubbs New Book!

Jamie Clubb’s book is soon to be released! Jamie is a good friend and I believe him to be one of the most thoughtful, insightful and erudite martial artists I’ve ever met. Phone calls between Jamie and I are never short affairs (“quick chats” typically last over an hour) as we share thoughts and bounce our various martial musings off one another.

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What Martial Arts (or related) Podcasts are recommended?

Currently I subscribe to (in alphabetical order so as to not show preference:)

- Grapplearts Radio (Stephen Kesting, Brazilian Jiujitsu)

- Iain Abernethy

- Kris Wilder

- Martial Secrets (Lawrence Kane & Kris Wilder)

- (although there hasn't been a new podcast in ages)

- The Geof Thompson Inspired Podcast (BY a Martial Artist and with reference to Martial Arts, but not really a Martial Arts podcast)

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The Value of Rank in Karate

I some times question the value of a ranking system in karate and would like to hear what others think.   

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Naihanchi (Tekki) Kata: The Seed of Shuri Karate Vol. 1 by Chris Denwood

Chris Denwood tells us about his latest book, 'Naihanchi (Tekki) Kata: The Seed of Shuri Karate Vol. 1'.

This is the first of a three part project that covers an integrated and comprehensive 'five-layer' study into Naihanchi Kata, a form that along with Sanchin from the Naha line, has always been considered a fundamental part of the art’s combative methodologies.

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Pinan Flow System by John Titchen

“Pinan Flow System: karate kata application for beginner to black belt” By John Titchen

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Henning Wittwers first book in English on Karate's history and teachings

Hi everyone,

as I often pointed out Henning Wittwer is my No.1 source for Karate history related information. He put a couple of previously in English puplished articles into one book and it is now available via Lulu.

Title of the book is: SCOUTING OUT THE HISTORICAL COURSE OF KARATE: Collected Essays

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Ramblings from a Ten Foot Square Hut (great new bunkai book!)

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New Book: At Close Quarters - The true story of Colonel Hector Grant-Taylor!


I have my first book coming out this September, and while it has nothing to do with Karate it does touch on elements of close quarter combat and combative mindset which we can apply to self protection.

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Itosus Legacy - The Pinan & Naihanchi Katas Revealed

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What Book are you reading?

Would love to know what everyone is reading at present.

On my nightstand I'm reading Chinese Fast Wrestling for Fighting: The Art of San Shou Kuai Jiao Throws, Takedowns, & Ground-Fighting

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