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Chuck Norris’s Chun Kuk Do’s Kong Sang Koon (video)

This video shows a few clips from my session on the applications of Kong Sang Koon at Chuck Norris’s UFAF ITC (United Fighting Arts Federation International Training Conference) in July 2014. It was a fantastic event and I’m very grateful to have played a part.

The first part of the video discusses the opening motions of Kong Sang Koon. The second section shows the part after the first spear hand. The third section shows how the first quarter of the kata can be practised as a two-person flow drill. The final part shows a snippet of the awards dinner with Chuck Norris, Aaron Norris, Rener Gracie, etc.

We covered a lot more than is shown in this short clip. This video does also not show the instruction given on other sections of the form and hence it is incomplete. It should therefore not be mistaken for an instructional clip. I nevertheless hope you find it an interesting watch. If you are interested in all that was covered … you should have been there :-)

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PS The YouTube link can be found HERE

Practical Kata Bunkai: Chuck Norris’s Chun Kuk Do’s Kong Sang Koon